First public testing build


Here it is – the first public test build of the game I’ve been working on.  It’s still a long way from done but I want to start getting feedback and testing servers.

Download Link

What is in this build:

1 human vs human map
5 infantry units
3 siege test units
1 commander
12 ranged weapons
5 test items

A few side notes:

A lot of features are only partially implemented and or missing completely.

In order to use the server browser you will need to be logged into steam and have it running in the background.

Hotkey binding is done through changing an ini file until I take the time to make the interface for it.

Expect to encounter bugs.

Expect lots of things to change over time.

If you have somehow stumbled on this page and don’t know what this is about.  This game is based upon Savage: The Battle for Newerth.  You can find more info about Savage here and here.  My plan is to take the core concept of an fps mixed with rts elements and just expand upon it.